World Environment for Human


    Our Environment

    Our environment is a very important treatment given by nature for our life, in which this nature provides us all the necessary things to keep us healthy and alive, with the help of which we are able to survive on this earth.

    Main of which is clean and pure air, potable water. These two things are the precious things provided to us by our nature, without which life cannot be imagined. All the planet-satellites have been discovered by our science till date, and in addition to them, life exists only on our earth in billions and trillions of planets. Every living person or animal is in extreme need of these 2 things.

    In billions of planets, having a life-worthy environment only on Earth, shows how important God has deemed us and how precious our environment is.

    Importance of clean environment

    As we all know the environment is very important for us, life will end from the earth without it. At the same time it is necessary to have a clean environment because if our environment gets contaminated, then the lives of all the inhabitants of the earth will be in crisis. Diseases will spread all around and thousands of millions of people may also die.

    That is why it is one thing to have the environment, but its cleanliness is equally important and necessary. Just as we are all continuously polluting our environment, the day is not far when this polluted environment will cause the death of millions of people. That is why there is a need to make oneself aware. It should not be too late that we cannot improve it even if we want to.

    Deteriorating environmental factors

    It is also important to know who is responsible for this deteriorating environment? So the truth is that we ourselves are responsible for these deteriorating conditions, because it has often been seen that the illiterate section of the country probably does not understand its horrors, so it is involved in spreading pollution, but the educated class also for this No less responsible. We all understand that our need is only to keep our house / shop clean, apart from this, if any of our actions are spreading dirt in our neighborhood, then what do I care about. That is why we keep dumping garbage here and there, burning garbage, pouring dirt or chemical things in the water. Make a lot of noise in any function.

    We care only for our benefit or our convenience, this act is causing so much loss of nature, we do not care about it.

    Contribution of industry funds

    It is also well known that our environment is also suffering a lot due to our industry wealth. In most places the filth of industries is thrown out, the waste coming out of them is drained into rivers, drains, the smoke emanating from them also pollutes the environment around us by staying in the lower layer of the atmosphere.

    Here it is necessary that such arrangements should be made in the industries, so that any waste coming out from there does not harm nature in any way. In addition, liquid waste must also be properly filtered and removed.


    Apart from this, it has also been seen that our farmer brothers are also contributing a lot in polluting the environment due to some senselessness. Often, after they have harvested the produce from their fields, they are burned in the fields, instead of removing the disposable things from there. Due to which, the amount of air pollution in the area of ​​hundreds of kilometers becomes excessive and this problem is faced by the residents of the entire Delhi-Capital Region every year and due to this many people go to the mouth of Kaal.

    Greenhouse gases

    Green house gases are also causing the most damage to the Earth’s atmosphere. Due to the dirt we have left in the atmosphere, due to various gases etc., the rays coming from the sun to the earth are not reflected in the same amount, due to which the atmosphere here is getting warmer, that is, the earth is heating up. This reason itself is a matter of danger for the entire human race.

    Population Density

    Constantly increasing population in India is also proving to be very dangerous for our environment, the more the population, the more life will be required of useful things. The same factories will run, cars will grow, air-conditioners will run, kilns will go, sugar mills will go, forests will be cut, and in many ways we are damaging our environment.

    Harm to Mankind

    • Due to excessive exploitation of water, our water level is continuously decreasing.
    • The amount of harmful substances in our air is continuously increasing and sometimes its quantity becomes life-threatening.
    • The glaciers are melting, threatening many cities of the world and causing damage to the ecology.
    • For development and human needs, clean air due to cutting of forests and trees will be a matter of history after a few days.
    • If we continue to face the truth in this way, then the day is not far when the very existence of mankind on earth will be endangered and we will lose this precious heritage of God.
    • Neither we will have clean air nor will there be potable water.

    What to do

    • We all know that trees are the most essential element of our environment, the more we are cutting trees, the more the balance of our environment is deteriorating,
    • Therefore it is important that we plant more and more trees, conserve trees.
      Control population.
    • Reduce dependence on trees for furniture etc.
    • Use the paper very carefully, do not waste the paper at all.
    • Prevent polluting factors from doing so.
    • Take a pledge not to spread dirt not only in your home but also in your surroundings and in the city.
    • Small factories, industrial businesses, kilns and other polluting plants should use such new techniques to control pollution.
    • So, let us take an oath that we will first change ourselves because every start is on its own.


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