TUBERCULOSIS-T.B. Main cause of death.



Let’s talk about a dangerous disease in the world which has been causing millions of deaths every year, being in our midst for thousands of years, and the most deadly thing is that we do not realize its horrors. Doing and showing great carelessness about it. So let’s know that,

Tb What is it?

The full name of TB is Tuberculous Basilai. It is a dangerous infectious disease that spreads from one infected person to another. If it is not stopped in the initial stage then it proves to be fatal, it gradually takes the person into its clutches, which can eventually lead to his death. It is known by many other names besides tuberculosis, such as tuberculosis, tuberculosis and tuberculosis.

You can guess the magnitude of TB by this, that 2 people die of TB every 3 minutes, about 4 lakh people die every year from TB. India is one of the leading TB deaths worldwide.

TB is a bacterial disease that primarily infects a person’s lungs, but it can also spread to other parts of the body with extra blood flow to the lungs, such as bones, bone joints, lymph glands, intestines, urine. And organs of reproductive system, membranes above eyes, skin and brain, etc. TB bacteria enter the body through the breath and can affect any number of points in the body.

The main cause of TB outbreak

Very small droplets of mucus and sputum are spread in the air while coughing, bending or spitting of any lung TB infected patient, in which the bacteria present can remain in the air for several hours and meanwhile in contact with that air While taking breath in the person coming, it can cause disease. This is the major cause of lung TB. TB is also found in milking animals, together with their milk, TB bacteria can reach our body. Therefore, milk should always be used by boiling it well. Apart from this, there are many such small reasons, which can make a person vulnerable to TB-

  • Weak health or poor diet due to our lifestyle and problems like alcohol abuse, homelessness etc.
  • Individuals of all age groups whose immunity is weak.
  • Persons in close contact with a TB-infected person for a long time.
  • People living in dirt, crowded and low light places.
  • HIV positive person.
  • People exposed to silicosis, excessive dust, stones powder etc.

Major symptoms of pulmonary TB

  • Cough for 2 consecutive weeks or more
  • Mucus or bleeding with cough.
  • Chest pain or excessive bloating
  • Loss of appetite or sudden loss of weight.
  • Fever rising or persisting with fever.
  • Sweating while sleeping at night.

Symptoms of TB from lungs

The TB bacteria encroaches on any part of the body, starts eating that organ and problems related to that organ begin to be reflected.

  • Swollen lymph nodes of the neck or swelling there.
  • Trouble with bones affected by TB or difficulty in modifying the knee etc.
  • Swelling, melting or excessive pain in the spinal cord.
  • Tightening of the neck with the temperature, elevation of the eyes or fainting, seizures, etc. are symptoms of brain TB.
  • Stomach ache, intestinal problems etc.
  • Pregnancy or other genital problems in women.

Ways to prevent TB

  • If you have cough for more than 2 weeks, go to the nearest government hospital and take a full course of medicine in case of TB infection.
  • Use a mask or cover your mouth with handkerchiefs every time before coughing, sneezing.
  • Do not spit here and there.
  • Keep in the ventilated and lighted room of the TB patient, A.C. Avoid
  • Do not eat food in utensils with a TB patient.
  • Keep children away from the patient, avoid kissing them etc.
  • Eat nutritious food and maintain your immunity by doing yoga.
  • Avoid BD, cigarettes, hookah, tobacco and alcohol etc.
  • Avoid living in overcrowded, dirty and low light areas.
  • Children should be given BCG vaccine after birth.

Government efforts to end TB

Our Prime Minister has targeted to eradicate TB from India by 2025 and for this, the government is making many meaningful efforts.

  • Free TB facility is available in all government hospitals
  • Complete course of world class medicines is available free of cost if TB is found in a person.
  • During the treatment, the patient is also examined periodically, so that the condition of the disease can be known.
  • The patient is given Rs 500 per month in his account during treatment under the Nutrition Scheme.

Need for social consciousness to end TB

There is a great need for social consciousness to eliminate any evil from the country. Till TB is also difficult to eradicate from the country, till there is no common participation. That is why it is very important that instead of taking it as the responsibility of the Health Department, we all should cooperate in eradicating this deadly disease, because every hidden patient of TB is a threat to the whole society.

That is why it is important that we motivate a person with TB symptoms to go to a nearby government hospital and get himself tested and get TB


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