Plastic and Polythene

(“Poison” dissolves in our life, “an important thing”)

Nature and man are precious and incomparable works of God. But man has continuously played with it to fulfill his material pleasures and desires and in present times it is going beyond all its limits. The way the selfish and consumerist man has polluted nature and environment with the indiscriminate use of polythene and continues to do so, the entire environment has been completely hurt. Unaware of the far-reaching consequences and toxicity of polythene in our material age, the society that is becoming dependent on it is very sad, it seems that without it their life is incomplete.

If the present time is known as polyethylene or plastic era, then there will be no exaggeration. Because this poly has made an important place in the whole world and all the countries of the world are using its manufactured goods in some form or the other. The matter of concern is that all of us are unaware of its side effects or remain unaware despite knowing.

Polythene is a type of poison that will destroy the entire environment. Today we are facing its ill effects and when we want to get rid of it in future, it will probably be too late and too far behind in this battle. By then our entire environment would have been contaminated by it. So if there is an appropriate time to fight against it, it is now and now.

The need of polythene in our life

Here this topic is also very important that why polythene has become an integral part of our life and we have become so dependent on it that without it we have started experiencing problems in our daily life.

So the simple and simple answer to this is that we like convenience, have become fashionable, have become careless, have become lazy, we should say everything less immediately and we are ready to pay for it. This trend has made many such things enter our lives which are actually proving harmful to us and polythene is also one of them.

Here it is also a harsh truth that polythene has made our life very convenient, our dependence on it is increasing day by day. It has established its supremacy in every small and big thing related to our life. It has made many of our tasks so easy that we do not even think to complete those works without it.

Plastic products are proving to be helpful in improving the standard of living of poor and middle class people, but at the same time, they are also ignorant of the call of their death due to its continuous use. It has become an item that is being used in the house from the place of worship to the kitchen, bathrooms, living rooms and reading rooms. Not only this, if we want to bring any item from the market like ration, fruits, vegetables, clothes, even liquids like milk, curd oil, ghee, fruit juice etc., then polyethylene is being used to bring it. There is a lot of trend of fast food in today’s time, which is also given in poly. Today, man has become so accustomed to poly that he has forgotten to use cloth or jute bags and this is the result that we have covered our earth with polythene.

Lack of social consciousness

Everyone agrees with the fact that polythene has become an essential part of our life, its use greatly helps in many daily tasks. But it is also necessary to know here that the use of polythene is not causing as much damage to the environment as it can by irresponsible disposal. Polythene comes to our house with various goods from the market, after which we either throw it in such garbage or throw it directly into the garbage or thousands of times polythene we got in the market Was thrown there after use. And this is where the real problem starts. The polythene thrown by us keeps on flying here and there, along with spreading dirt, it also causes great harm to our environment.

Harm in our life

Today, even today, everywhere, poly appears to be poly, which is polluting the entire environment, these poly-manufactured things do not merge with nature, ie it is not a biodegradable material. Wherever it is in the field, the fertility of the field will decrease and the seeds buried under it will not be able to germinate. Atru land becomes barren. This leads to blocking of drains. Where there litter-filled polyethylene pollutes the environment. Animals are eaten with polythene after being thrown off the peels of edible items in poly, which are harmful and even till the death of the animal.

Lack of disposal

India is a developing country, which needs a lot of infrastructure work. Therefore, there is a severe shortage of proper waste disposal systems in our country at present. Thousands of tons of polythene is dumped out of the houses every day, which is dumped here and there, since there is no proper arrangement for disposal of garbage, etc., therefore, the dumping on the dumping ground, our environment is highly damaged. Has been and continues to dissolve poison in our lives.

Solution or synonym

Here it is also very important that what is the solution to our dependence on polythene. Do we have any synonym for this, which we can adopt


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