Not Wear Hair Tie Around Your Wrist


A lot of women usually can be spotted wearing hair ties around their wrist, especially during summers. No matter if they have other stylish clips or clutchers, hair ties tend to be the most convenient option because it does not create any discomfort while resting the head against pillows or any other surface. Nowadays, hair ties come in several variants. While a few are fabric scrunchies, others are elastic or plastic bands. All these are tight enough to hold your mane together at a place. But, did you know wearing it around your wrist can create skin and health problems? Yes, you read it right! Read on to know what issue your tiny hair tie can lead to if you keep wearing it on your wrist.

Makes Your Heart Work More

a close up of a necklace: Makes Your Heart Work More

One of the main organs of our body, the heart has several functions including, supplying oxygen, nutrients to the tissues and removing carbon dioxide and other wastes. But, the most important job of the heart is to pump blood throughout the body via the circulatory system. When you tie an elastic band around the wrist the heart is forced to pump blood harder because, it is trying to send blood to every organ including the tip of your finger. Not only do you put unnecessary pressure on your heart, but also on the veins of the finger.

Skin Infection

a hand holding a baby: Skin Infection

As per the media reports, hair ties can act as a carrier of germs and bacteria. Wondering how? Well, the hair sits at several different surfaces, including your kitchen shelves, office desks, washroom counters, public places, bags, or sometimes even drops on the unhygienic floor. You keep wearing it and taking it off. It causes mini scratches on your skin and allows the germs on the ties to enter your body through the skin. In fact, back in 2015 there was a case that was reported from a city Louisville, in the United States of America, wherein a girl suffered a life-threatening infection from hair tie around her wrist.

Skin Damage

a close up of a hand: Skin DamageThis is especially for young girls and for those who have sensitive skin. By wearing elastic around for longer duration you usually end up getting a red indent sunken into our wrist. While it becomes okay after a few hours, doing this regularly can cause skin irritation.

Interrupts Blood Circulation

Proper blood circulation is the necessity of our bodies. The function allows an uninterrupted flow of oxygen to all the organs, but most importantly the brain. Without proper circulation it can become extremely hard for the body to work. In addition, one must also keep in mind smooth blood flow promotes healthier skin and cell growth. But, when a hair tie indents on your skin it causes circulation issues, as per health reports.


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