Indian Real Estate needs more professionals and technology automation – Rohit Gaikwad (Real Estate Coach, Speaker & a published Author)


Hey Hi, Rohit Gaikwad here. I am a real estate consultant, coach, speaker and author. I have mentored more than 17k real estate aspirants and professionals and worked with over 500 realty brands. I have shared my views on the current Indian real estate market. Hope you get some value through this interview answer and help you to upgrade your knowledge.

After RERA implementation, we were expecting a massive shift in the Indian real estate sector, but unfortunately, it’s not reflected anywhere. Anyone can obtain a RERA certificate by paying the fee; you don’t need any qualification, you don’t have to crack any exam, pay the fee and download your certificate. It’s a reality. We must speak about this.

As per RERA, every builder and developer needs to update registered channel partners details on the project website. How many developers follow this? Does RERA take any action? I have never seen it.

We were expecting more transparency, the carpet area is mentioned now on Index II, but prices are as it is. They were made packages and sold the same thing with a different look and feel.

Almost 60% of real estate professionals complain about their brokerage issues. Client bypass to avoid brokerage even though they are not paying a single penny in primary real estate transactions. Do you think only a client or customer can do this without the help of the developer or vice-versa?

In the era of online transmission, where we are expecting 5G and 6G in India. 80% of real estate agents do not have their systems; they don’t have lead management tools, no knowledge about lead generation funnels and business automation. Forget about brokers, real estate developers having project value more than 500cr also do not have these tools, and they still work traditionally.

RERA charged approx 10k for Individuals and 100k for company registrations. For what? They don’t have any training programs. They don’t help the registered members to get their brokerages. They don’t support real estate developers to sell their inventory by providing benefits like tax exemptions, more FSI etc.

The biggest hurdle is professionalism; NO university or college teaches real-life real estate education. Few universities and institutions started courses, but the professor or lecturer who taught all this had never worked as a real estate broker or developer at ground level.

I have the answer to all this, let’s start today. Let’s make it better. Developers must start automation where each and every sequence is recorded, and registered channel partners can cross-check the entries. Real estate professionals must start learning, online tools, platforms and develop your system. Please do not depend on third-party providers as they have full control over your database.

I have started a few online platforms like Leads Machine, Real Estate Masterclass, and Digital Mastermind to educate my real estate community. I hope my little contribution will help to make it better.

Thank you.

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