Importance of Cleanliness


Importance of Cleanliness in our Life

It is not just a word, the essence of our healthy and joyful life is hidden in this word. How strong a society is depends on how much cleanliness is important in that society. That is, if we have to be healthy in life, then we have to be aware of cleanliness.

What is the importance of cleanliness in life

Cleanliness is like devotion, which means that cleanliness paves the way to divinity or goodness. By practicing proper hygiene, we can keep ourselves physically and mentally clean and healthy which actually makes us good, decent and healthy human beings.

Cleanliness makes one feel good physically, mentally and socially and helps to have a good personality and thus a good influence on others. People with good character live with morality in their lives. Cleanliness creates good character by keeping the body, mind and soul clean and peaceful. Maintaining cleanliness is an essential part of a healthy life.

Cleanliness is the responsibility of all of us and they need to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in and around themselves. A clean body keeps us healthy and away from doctors and thus prevents loss of medical expenses and time. Cleanliness brings good and positive thoughts to our mind and gives us spiritual joy.

Cleanliness of body, society, as well as mind and soul leads to God, which ultimately leads to the feeling of being a physically, mentally and socially good person.

Importance of international importance

Cleanliness has an important place in the developed countries of the world and the standards set for development and modernity. We talk about adopting the model of those developed countries, but are not ready to incorporate those standards in development and modernity. The scope of cleanliness is so wide that many levels need to be considered to implement it. Cleanliness has a special importance in the body, home and surroundings, speech, actions, heart, mind, society, family, culture and behavior to religion and science.

Today every year thousands of people from abroad come to visit India, they are surprised to see the example of unity in culture, natural beauty and diversity. That is why it becomes more necessary that we bring change in ourselves and take special care of cleanliness around us so that the image of the country does not get affected at the international level. Since your cleanliness is a mirror of your life, it makes it easier for anyone to form an opinion about you.

Contribute to the cleanliness of our pets

Our country is a developing country, where winds of development are flowing everywhere. Though our country has moved ahead on various fronts along with modernization of employment, even today most of the people are dependent on farming and animal husbandry in some form or the other for their livelihood. There are many countries in the world whose main industry is animal husbandry and the contribution of animal husbandry in their development is incomparable such as Brazil, America, New Zealand, Denmark etc. Despite the highest animal husbandry in the world, these countries today stand in the category of developed countries, only on the basis of their will. We have adopted many things from Western culture, but never try to adopt their commitment and habits related to cleanliness and hygiene.

It is also very important here that along with animal husbandry, we all need to take special care of cleanliness. Even today many people leave their pets open on the roads to graze, which causes many problems socially. It is common for animals to spread dirt here and there, in addition to open cattle, there are many accidents on the roads everyday. That is, we should not only take care of the cleanliness of our house, but also take special care that there is no mess anywhere or there is any problem for us. Many efforts are being made by the governments to provide other facilities from the level of giving information in this matter, but still the situation cannot be said to be satisfactory.

So let us take an oath that “I will change myself” because every change starts by itself, a spark is enough to light the torch of revolution, so that change can happen in society. That is why we have to take initiative by ourselves. Change yourself, the country will change.

Importance of cleanliness on tourism

Tourism is an important means of employment and income of people of any country or city, people come from any country from abroad to any tourist place, which benefits thousands of people of that city. And as we have already mentioned that the whole city gets the benefit of the cleanliness around us. Thousands of people come from outside in some major tourist places of our state like Agra, Lucknow, Varanasi, Mathura, Sarnath, Vrindavan, etc. If the residents of these cities do not work on an excellent model of cleanliness, then the city will never be completely clean Will not stay and the people coming there will not go with a good experience, along with this, there is an adverse effect on the fame. Tourism also has a negative impact due to the adverse effect of not keeping sanitation by the people of the city, affecting the employment of thousands of people.

This clearly shows the importance of cleanliness in our daily life.

Is it anyone else’s responsibility to take care of cleanliness in society?
I would like to remind you one thing here. India is a country steeped in archaic culture, where the iron of archaic culture is believed abroad. Among the Vedas written millions of years ago, in the Rigveda there is a verse in the beginning “Aham Brahmasi” – that is, I am Brahm, I am the creator of this creation, I have full responsibility for it.

It is written in the Vedas that “I” is no one else, we are ourselves, we are the protectors of this whole earth, it is our “own” responsibility to maintain its creativity and we will have to fulfill this responsibility ourselves. . To expect from this is to turn away from our responsibilities. Just as a mother takes care of her young child, fulfills all her needs, similarly the child also has the responsibility to take care of her mother as necessary and to perform her moral, social duty. Similarly, this earth is our mother, this earth takes care of all our needs, so keeping it clean is also our moral and social responsibility. If we expect someone to maintain cleanliness in our society and surroundings, then it will be an injustice to our nature as well as ourselves.

Contribute to our progress of cleanliness and progress of the country

You will think whether cleanliness can also improve our life. Of course – as it is said that in a healthy body a healthy mind resides and only with a healthy mind can a person progress in his life.

Staying clean is a means of keeping oneself physically and mentally clean. Keeping our body clean and well prepared makes us smart enough to gain confidence and positive thoughts. Clean habits with an understanding of good attire make a good impression on others and build a good reputation in society as cleanliness reflects the clean character of a person.

Cleaning the mind keeps us mentally healthy and protects us from psychological problems. So complete hygiene keeps away from dirt and diseases because both go together, where there is dirt there are diseases.

It is also important here that if we take adequate care of cleanliness in our life then we try to keep our body, our home, our Mohalla or village clean. Due to which many diseases do not even touch us and thus we also keep all the family members safe. That is why it is perfectly fair to say that with cleanliness, we can get progress in our life and the country whose residents are advanced also gets the same progress.

How can insurance be avoided by adopting cleanliness

In this case, you know that dirt attracts many diseases towards us and by keeping cleanliness around us, we can avoid diseases. Disease-causing germs breed and grow very fast due to this activity being very fast in the dirt, which can cause infection or various pandemics. Dirt and bacteria-borne diseases such as cholera, flu, meningitis and mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria, dengue, chikungunya, etc. spread due to dirt in our surrounding environment, due to which thousands of people lose their lives every year. These deaths can be avoided by adopting cleanliness.

Along with spreading awareness at many levels by the government, many efforts have been made to prevent diseases, but even after that, unless we consider ourselves to be responsible, it cannot be achieved completely. Therefore, in order to live a healthy, happy and peaceful life, all of us should practice clean habits in every aspect of life because dirt is a symbol of moral and social evil.

The need for hygiene education and habits in children’s lives

Here it becomes very important that what is the nature of our efforts to make cleanliness information a movement. Children are the future of any country, tomorrow is theirs, so it becomes more necessary that we make them aware of cleanliness from the beginning and to adopt hygiene in their lives and everyday activities. Inspire, because if they come to know the importance of cleanliness in the beginning of life and discipline comes towards it, nothing can stop them from progressing in life. They will be healthy in life, will be happy and will take this country forward along with them.

From the outset, children should be given lessons related to cleanliness. They should be taught about body hygiene. They should wash their hands before eating and only take clean food and pure water. At school, children should be placed on clean chairs and benches.

We should present ourselves as an ideal in front of them, lest we give them knowledge of cleanliness and do not follow those rules and cleaning habits on our own. In such a situation, it will be very difficult for children to follow those rules. That is why once again we must “start with ourselves” before changing anyone.

Why the introduction of cleanliness is important from our home

Cleanliness is a very easy and important thing that all of us should follow as an individual and as a citizen of a country. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched Special Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Yojana.

As citizens of the country, it is our duty to keep our country clean. We should keep our roads, tourist places, historical places – schools – colleges – office buildings etc. clean and clean.

Cleanliness is not only necessary for the country, it always starts at home. Our homes, schools, colleges, communities, offices, organizations and even we should keep ourselves clean. It is not only our choice but also our responsibility as human beings. Keep us clean daily in our homes, surrounding areas, our societies, communities, cities and gardens.

It is not only our physical appearance but also connected to our mental consciousness. Cleanliness helps us build our social powers. The personality of a clean person always attracts everyone. People always appreciate and like to join people who have good habits. In the same way, if our country looks clear, then how good we will feel, how good it will be, tourists from outside will appreciate our country. Cleanliness should not happen once but in our daily practice



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