Digital Marketing- New Era


What is Digital Maketting

It is like a large umbrella, who covers all our online marketing requirements. Digital Marketting is a combination of two words  Digital + Marketting. To know about the Digital Marketting, first-of-all we must know about “Digital”.

As we know the world is changed now. Internet playing an ample role in our life and other life-related services. The word “Digital” is the synonym of “Internet”.

In simple words, “Generally when we do something with the help of computer/Internet, it called “Digital”. It does not make any difference that, what do we work on Internet, anything, everything is Digital.

So as per this, Digital Marketing is the type of Marketing which is being done with the help of the Internet. In this process we deliver the services, information and product advertisements to our prospective customers. People usually promote their Products and Business offers on the Internet. Many net-based tools help in this process like: websites, Facebook pages, emailingPay pe click, Blogs, Twiter,  Instagram, Youtube and other net-based applications.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

  • It is very Cheap. We can reduce our expense to promote the product
  • This type of marketting is very conveinent.
  • It increase the selling process.
  • We can target the customer’s group, area, age etc as per our requirement.
  • It directly connect us to consumer/prospective customer.
  • We can deliver our product CHEAPER than market. Because of there is no mediator.
  • It increase our brand values.

The Internet has great crowd of people. We just have to find prospective customer from there. This is undoughtly proved that people spend long time on Internet, it may be on Computer or Mobile. All these electronic devices are usually personal to every user, mainly mobile.

So, If we want to sale or promote our business or product, It is very usuful to connect the consumer directly and the best way is through INTERNET. With the help of Ineternet/Digital Marketing we can reach to huge group of prospective customers and it is very cheaper then old ways.

The other ways of marketting/advertising are very lengthy and costly and they also take a long time to provide appropriate results. The orthodox way to promote your bussiness is now very costly like: Advertisment in newspaper or Television, Hoardings, wall paintings etc.

How  can we promote

As, I discussed earlier, there are many tools to promote/market our products etc.

1-            Social Media’s Tools like : whatsapp, facebook, twitter, youtube et c.

2-            Website Making

3-            Mobile Advertisement

4-            E-mail Marketting

5-            Content Marketing

6-            SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

7-            Affiliate Marketing

8-            Googe Adwords

These are some tools, with the help of these, we can DIGITALY Market our Product/Services.


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