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Best CANADIAN Foods you should Try


10 Best Canadian Foods You Need To Try

Despite the fact that we constantly tease them for their Bryan Adamses and politeness and lack of gun violence, Canada is a country that has given us many gifts, from ice-cold Molson to the warm smirk of Ryan Reynolds. Also, poutine. And bagels that are arguably better than New York’s.

1. Poutine

PoutineOriginating in the Canadian province of Quebec, this tasty dish consists of french fries and cheese curds topped with light-brown gravy.
You can enjoy this dish across Canada and I’ve even seen it available in some areas of the USA. However, the best spot to get poutine is in Montreal.

2. Garlic Fingers with Donair Sauce

Garlic Fingers with Donair SauceMake this East Coast classic right at home, no matter which part of the country you live. Just don’t forget the donair sauce for dipping these garlicky, cheesy bites.

3. Butter Tarts

Butter TartsEvery Canadian has an opinion on what makes the perfect butter tart. Should it be runny or sticky? Should it have raisins or not? The gooey buttery filling is reminiscent of a pecan pie with a flaky, single serving crust, and the brown sugar mixture typically runs down your chin when you’re eating it.

4. Nanaimo Bar

Nanaimo BarThe Nanaimo bar originated in Nanaimo, which is on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. It’s a sweet no-bake treat consisting of three layers. There’s a wafer crumb base, a center of custard-flavored butter icing, and a chocolate top layer. Although Canada is its birthplace, people can find Nanaimo bars across the world, including in Australia, Spain, and Laos. Where to try: Mon Petit Choux Labeled as “a corner of Paris in Nanaimo,” locals and visitors alike love the Nanaimo bars served at Mon Petit Choux. If one isn’t enough, Tourism Nanaimo has created a Nanaimo Bar Trail. Follow the map and find your favorite one in Nanaimo.

5. Ribeye Steak – CUT Steakhouse, Halifax

Ribeye Steak - CUT Steakhouse, HalifaxNot just any steak but a 22oz Bone In Ribeye, USDA Prime from Omaha with an added decadent topping of seared foie gras. You’ll be in a serious food coma after this one, but in the best possible way. Pick the right red wine to wash it down with and this is what they call heaven.

6. Bannock

BannockBacon and Bannock cooked over the fire – you really can’t beat that! Though its a simple bread, Bannock is delicious as well as versatile. For the aboriginal people in Canada, it once served as a key staple diet. The modern twists to bannock include the crisp and fluffy on the inside fried version and the dense baked version. With new variations and twists, it has lately started popping up in cafes and bakeries.

7. Beaver’s Tail

Beaver’s TailThis Canadian delicacy is actually just deep-fried dough, covered in sugar and cinnamon. The fried dough is stretched to look like beaver’s tail, and can be topped off with magical add-ons like caramel, Nutella, bananas, crushed Oreos, berries and whipped cream. It is the eponymous dessert from BeaverTails Pastry, a Canadian institution since 1978. Even President Barack Obama stopped for one when he visited Ottawa in 2009.

8. Maple Anything

Maple AnythingMaple creams, candies, syrup, cookies, ice cream, bacon, beer, sausage… even maple on a stick. If you maple-ize it, the Canadians will eat it.

9. Nova Scotian Lobster Rolls

Nova Scotian Lobster RollsCanada is a massive country, with spectacular seafood from coast to coast. Not-to-be-missed experiences include Atlantic and Pacific salmon, smoked salmon, arctic char, and of course, East Coast lobsters. Nova Scotian lobster rolls are a Canadian favourite.

10. Pâté Chinois

Pâté ChinoisThis meat treat is pretty similar to shepherd’s pie, but instead of crediting it to a sheep-herder, the Canadians name-check the Chinese — “pâté chinois” literally means “Chinese pie” — for reasons that are still unclear. Murky origins aside, your standard pate chinois contains layers of beef, creamed corn, and mashed potatoes. by-saurabh gupta fropkee


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