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My dear friends, it is absolutely true that with the help of astrology, you can touch those peaks of progress in your business and fulfill your aspirations, which you have always dreamed of.

It is also important to know here that the form of astrology that you see around you today is really only a part of astrology. Astrology is an eternal and reliable science thousands of years old. That is why if you have water to grow in your business or in any area of ​​your life by the power of astrology, then you need a person who has a proper knowledge of this mode, for which astrology does not need to earn only his life. For astrology should be his worship, astrology is God.

So, let me try to solve all the doubts related to your astrology today. You all know that the Earth is surrounded by many planets from all around and those planets have their own specialties. Just as the gravitational power of the Earth, all those planets also have their own capabilities and the radiations coming from those planets have an effect on the life of every human, just as the moon’s gravity causes each full moon to tidal- Bhatta comes, in the same way every planet has a unique quality, if it is needed, understand its specialty and use it in your life.

Some analysis of how planets work in our lives

Just as we cannot see air through our eyes, in the same way, radiations of these planets occur in the atmosphere. And our antennas capture these radiations. Those are called scientific neuro transmitters. In the same way the moon also has the most profound effect in our brain. If seen scientifically, it is only through this that the tide comes into the sea. And the most insane are also seen getting admitted on this day. Because Moon Himares is also said to be the causative planet of the mind. The rays of the sun are excessive, which generate heat, we do not even see its temperature, but in reality it does. Through this radiation, our former deeds are rewarded.

As you all know that the whole world is currently battling the virus named Korana. The cause of this epidemic is also related to the planets.

All the viruses in the environment are believed to be the cause of Rahu Ketu. These houses are also considered to be the cause of sudden death. Virus also causes sudden death.

Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets. If you want to avoid both these planets, then this is possible only with the Dev Yagya. Scientists are now accepting the importance of Yajna. Havan material lying in this medicine purifies our air and eliminates the environment and the viruses that are inside us. Even if you do not know how to perform the yajna, you can do it only by adding a little ghee to the havan material only with 21 or 51 chanting of Gayatri Mantra. Apart from this deadly virus like corona can also be avoided if you feel like it.

These few examples may have helped you to understand that in fact these planets have a profound impact on our Earth and our lives. What effect the planets will have on your life or which planet will give fruit at what time of your life i.e. at what age, it depends on the position of the planets at the time of your birth. That is, your birth chart is the most aforementioned means of knowing your personality and your future. But it has also been seen that due to some reason many people do not know the exact date and time of their birth, due to which it is difficult to make their exact horoscope, but in astrology, there are other remedies also, by which any A person’s horoscope can be made or information can be obtained regarding its future.

The influence of planets on family relationships

Planets also affect your family relationships, if there is any negativity in any relationship of life, whether it is husband-wife relationship or son-daughter, then it should be understood that some planet has negative effect on your life. So, before getting late, the relationship can be rejuvenated by removing that negative effect.

So here I am going to tell you how you can know without knowing the horoscope, which planet is impacting on you or the troubles which are coming in any area of ​​present life, for what reason and what Troubles can be reduced or eliminated by easy measures.

How to identify ourselves, which planet is affected without seeing the horoscope, and through which we can make our life successful and happy.

  • If you do a government job and do not have a good relationship with your senior, then you can wear the Sun’s Sun which is ruby.
  • If you are a businessman and the business is not able to run, then you can also take the emerald leaf of the business planet which is Buddha or you can do it by his means.
  • If you give teacher or training somewhere and your work is not going on then you can make your life happy by using Jupiter’s remedies.
  • If you have a business of clothes or beauty items, then you can also take Venus number or remedy.
  • Even if your married life is not going well, you can make your life happy by calming through Venus’s remedies.
  • If you have a factory and workers work in it, then you can take remedies of Sapphire or Saturn due to being under the influence of Saturn.

The intention of telling you all the above measures was to make you feel the real power of astrology. If you are facing any kind of problem in your life, family or business, do not hesitate. You can contact me to get a solution to any of your problems, here it is necessary to tell you that in case of any health related problem, we contact the doctor and eat the medicine according to it. But many times our disease is not cured if we do not get a qualified doctor, but the day we get a qualified doctor, our disease starts to be cured.

Similarly, it is difficult to find a qualified astrologer in life, so if you have any kind of doubt, do contact me once. I claim that after that day both the condition and direction of your life will start walking on the path of progress.

I wish to end my talk here with the wish for a healthy and advanced life for all of you. Thank you


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